Fendi's new campaign celebrates the fresh avatar of its iconic Baguette Advertisement

Fendi’s new campaign celebrates the fresh avatar of its iconic Baguette

And the spirit of friendship

By Manali Shah  January 22nd, 2019

Remember how Sarah Jessica Parker rocked the Fendi Baguette bag in Sex & The City? Chances are it dominated conversations between you and all your girl friends and occupied a place of pride in your closet. Fendi’s new series of short films, #BaguetteFriendsForever, captures the spirit of friendship and the special meaning the Baguette occupies in women’s lives.

The 3-part series is set in various countries and features actors and influencers alike. The campaign, which will drop on January 23 on Fendi’s social media handles, captures girl gangs and the fun they have with vintage as well as fresh Baguette pieces from the Fendi SS19 Women’s Collection.   

Shanghai forms the backdrop for the first series in #BaguetteFriendsForver. In The Baguette is Back, actors Tan Zhuo and Qiao Xin, and influencers Yu Wei and Yoyo, are seen having a great time shopping at IAPM Mall’s Fendi store, dancing while getting ready, cat-walking in front of the mirror and picking the best looks for a night about town. Basically, everything you would do with your squad.

fendi inside pic

In the second episode, we see Taiwanese DJ Dizzy Dizzo, Singapore-based fashion IT-girl Yoyo Cao, Japanese model Hikari Mori and Korean DJ Peggy Gould, take to the streets of Hong Kong looking for Hikari’s lost Baguette.

And finally, New York serves as the set for the third episode, The one and only Baguette. While on a lunch break, Caro Daur, surrounded by influencer Natasha Lau and models Ebonee Davis and Melissa Martinez, comes to the realisation that she absolutely needs to get her hands on a purple-sequined gorgeous vintage Baguette that she’d seen at the Fendi store. The group of friends run to the boutique, only to be told that it has just been sold. They chase the woman exiting the store, who turns out to be Sarah Jessica Parker. You have to find out what happens next.