FENDI’s iconic Peekaboo bag is the perfect companion for your next mother-daughter date Advertisement

FENDI’s iconic Peekaboo bag is the perfect companion for your next mother-daughter date

It will inspire your next family outing and accessory of choice

By Avani Thakkar  October 28th, 2019

Every luxury label has that one bag which holds the brand’s DNA and carries a legendary cult status. When we think of FENDI, it is safe to say that for the Italian powerhouse, the Peekaboo is THAT bag. Created with a timeless design, classic finish and playful touch, this accessory elevates any ensemble.

A decade since its debut, the Peekaboo’s latest campaign, set in Rome, features award-winning actor Catherine Zeta Jones and her daughter Carys Douglas, in the beloved video series, #MeAndMyPeekaboo. Shot together for the first time ever, the duo’s special bond is seamlessly reflected on screen with the presence of a perfect companion, FENDI’s Peekaboo handbag.

The video has an upbeat yet elegant narrative that revolves around the powerful mother-daughter relationship with the Peekaboo as the real protagonist. Catherine and Carys are seen twirling each other around under the dreamy facades of Rome, and it’s hard to miss out the glamorous bag that accompanies them on their day out. Catch a glimpse of the stylish pair playing among the incredible statues of Palazzo Della Civiltà Italian.

#MeAndMyPeekabo’s latest instalment beautifully captures the spirit of FENDI’s affinity for innovation, family bonds, tradition and love for Italy’s alluring backdrops that spin a tale of its own. The authentic storyline is proof that this bag transcends generations with its distinctive Pequin, FENDI’s signature logo-no-logo pattern. We can’t think of a better embodiment of the eternal beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones and the moments shared with her graceful daughter Carys Douglas.