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Find the perfect workout based on your zodiac sign

Get movin!

By Najooka Javier  May 3rd, 2019

Your zodiac sign has a huge impact on your personality and, hence, it maybe fun to let the stars pick your fitness regime. A compatibility check could help you stay on track and meet your goals, because you’re more likely to stick with something if you enjoy it. Consistency is key, y’all. 

P.S. Basing your workout on your zodiac channelizes your innate strengths and weaknesses and works with your zodiac elements giving you the will to go on.
Signs and workouts.


The twins are a sociable sign and enjoy company. Sign your partner/BFF on for a weekly game of tennis or squash to replace your fitness regime. This will also help you stay accountable. 



Ruled by the moon, you have a tendency to let your emotions get the best of you. Try yoga to keep your emotions and health in check. Since Cancerians are also self-motivated, home exercise videos (done from the comfort of your home) are also a good idea. 


The lion is a natural leader and a loner, dut do not mistake that for someone who doesn’t like to be noticed. You are motivated by workouts that seem fun and put you in the spotlight. Try Crossfit training or a dance class to pump up your energy. 



Librans are not pleased by high-intensity workouts that cause extreme strain; instead they enjoy more peaceful, balanced exercises such as pilates, yoga, or even barre classes. 



The water sign is intense and values hard-earned results. Activities that push you to your limits and also help you let off some of that (pent-up) steam will work wonders for you. We suggest boxing, cycling or running. 



A fire sign, Aries are fierce and enjoy competition. In order to keep yourself motivated, it is important for you to challenge your limits. Channel your competitive spirit through metered cycling, an excellent way to sweat it out that also leaves you feeling accomplished. 



For the disciplined, controlled Virgo, pilates is the best way to burn off those extra calories.


Unsurprisingly, Pisceans enjoy their time in the water; so swimming would be your number one workout pick. 



The mountain goat enjoys physically challenging activities. Determined and disciplined, experiment with activities that demand dedicated effort like endurance training or marathons to challenge your inner perfectionist. 


You thrive when you're in a group and surrounded by the people you love. Make the most of this tendency by signing up for a group fitness class.



Always craving comfort and seeking exciting sensory experiences, Taurians are not big fans of hardcore workouts. Instead, we recommend that you head outdoors for a run or a power walk. Try different routes to keep yourself motivated and you will soon start enjoying this experience. 


An earth sign with a competitive streak, Sagittarians are suckers for new experiences. Fuel that adventurous spirit with sports such as trekking, obstacle race or crossfit training. 



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