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First look: Pankaj & Nidhi

The designers do bling for the very first time - here's a glimpse of how it's shaped up

By Sonam Savlani  March 27th, 2015

The theme: “The collection is called Rouge Minerale. We were trying to explore what happens if you take a glorious red mineral like ruby and shatter it to pieces. The whole collection is a recreation of that kind of mosaic. We’ve done some beautiful prints in a broken glass effect. And for the first time we’ve used some very luxe crystal elements.”

The techniques: “We’ve used some leather sequins with crystal elements, and mixed it with embroidery. We’ve done our signature appliqué but the ornamental forms give way to this mosaic effect. There’s lots of graphic treatments – a grid-like embroidery, and some crazy folded sequins work, where each sequin was folded by hand and assembled into a panel. (It’s insane! We have some crazy people working in our studio.) The colours go from various shades of red and grey to flesh and nude. In terms of fabrics we’ve got neoprene, which gives a great fit, and a new fabric which looks like an organza mesh. We’ve used some pure leather as well, and made a foiled leather tops.”

The sets: “We wanted to create a landmine feel with the sets. Some very cool accessories are planned; I’m not going to talk about them and ruin the surprise. And the music is by Gaurav Raina – he is such a genius – it sounds like mining drills, and it’s dark but enjoyable.”