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Fitness apps to help you achieve your physical and mental health goals, at home

Quarantining like a pro!

By Subhanjana Das  March 22nd, 2020

Let’s admit it, we only need one small reason or a tiny inconvenience in our daily routine for our fitness to be the first thing that takes a blow. And with gyms and parks being closed, it is easy to just let it go. However, how about you shift the gym to your house and bring that beast mode to your mat? Fitness apps are changing the way people work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. You don’t need bulky weights or fancy machines to work on, your body weight is enough to break a sweat and work up the endorphins to release stress.

Here are some of the tried and tested fitness apps that can guide you to a new and better you, without having to step out of your home:


Subscription: $12.99/month after a 30 day free trial.

If you want to have just one fitness app on your phone for a holistic regime, let this be the one. While its bike and treadmill workouts have quite the fan base, the cardio, HIIT, bootcamp, and yoga workouts are also amazing to hit all the major muscles in your body. They have both pre-recorded sessions by professionals as well as live sessions to take you through the workout in real time. Peloton has thousands of workout sessions to choose from, and while that’s great for variety in your regime, it can also eat up your time scrolling through the options. Set your mind based on the time you want to spend, your fitness level, and what you feel like doing on the given day.

Sweat with Kayla


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⁣Ready for an ab workout you can complete anywhere — gym or at home!? 🙌 #BBG trainer @Kayla_Itsines has the PERFECT workout for either! 💪 Save this workout and try it out the next time you’re ready to REALLY work those abs. 😍 See how many laps you can complete and try and outdo your number every few weeks! 👏⠀ ⠀ GYM ⁣⠀ ➕ Straight-Leg Raise – 10 reps ⁣⠀ ➕ Bent-Leg Raise – 10 reps ⁣⠀ ➕ X Crunch – 10 reps (5 each side) ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ HOME⁣⠀ ➕ Straight-Leg Raise – 10 reps ⁣⠀ ➕ Bent-Leg Jackknife – 10 reps ⁣⠀ ➕ Side Plank & Oblique Crunch – 10 reps (5 each side) ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Set a timer for 7 minutes and do as many laps as you can! ⁣ ⠀ ⠀⠀

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Subscription: $19.99 USD/month

An app by the creator of the popular Bikini Body Programme, the Sweat with kayla app is more than just a workout platform-it also brings together a community of women who are on the journey to a healthy transformation. Her 28-minute workouts are short and sweet, meaning that you don’t have to take an hour or two for squeezing in an effective regime. It also has a separate set of workouts for new moms, weekly meal plans for an equally effective diet, and even a grocery list! Sign us up already!


Subscription: $14.99/month after 7-day free trial

One of the things people tend to complain about fitness apps is that they have to follow the video constantly which ends up affecting the form. Aaptiv, an audio fitness app, sets you free of keeping your eyes glued to the screen while trying to perfect the squat or a learning how to do a push-up. From treadmill, strength tradining, and yoga to elliptical, outdoor running, and indoor cycling, the workouts have a range that is hard to beat, given its audio-only medium of communication. If you don’t want to do the generic workouts, you can get your regime tailor-made by the experts on the paltform to achieve your goals. The best part, however, is the smashing playlist that comes with the app, changing with the kind of workout you are doing.

Beachbody on Demand

Subscription: $14.99/month

If you’re looking for a time-bound programme with a well laid-out plan, Beachbody on Demand should be your pick. While it did start with its 30-day high-intensity classes, the platform now incoporates yoga, weight training, MMA-inspired workouts, and barre workouts. The workouts vary in length and can be downloaded for later when you are offline. The platform also provides nutrition tips crucial for the transformation you are aiming for.

Down Dog

Subscription: $19.99/month

An exclusively dedicated fitness app for yoga, Down Dog is for both beginner and advanced yogis. The platform puts together workouts based on your time, fitness level and intention for the practice. If you are someone who is learning yoga at home, this might just be one of the best ways to progress. While the beginner level workouts are easier to follow based on audio instructions, the more intermediate ones will need some peeking at your phone. It is also free to use till April 1. Not an excuse for skipping the workout, though!


Subscription: $69.99/year (they’re giving out free subscription right now)


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When we say health and fitness, the mental aspect of it often gets overshadowed. At times of general anxiety and confusion, it becomes even more important than usual to give your mental health as much attention. And if you want something to hold your hand and guide you through it, Headspace is a good place to start. The idea is to dedicate just 10 minutes of your day to either how to meditate or dealing with anxiety and stress. This meditation app also has a section dedicated to sleep that has 8-hour0long “sleep radio” streams. The newly-introduced Move Mode helps strengthen the mind while physically exerting your body your body through 28-day courses that feature quick workouts, mindful cardio runs, and rest day meditations.