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Fitness gear every serious swimmer should own

Invest in these to maximise every workout

By Shweta Gandhi  August 3rd, 2017

Easy on the joints and tough on extra flab, swimming as a fitness activity comes highly recommended. And whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a tyro who’s learning how to paddle, investing in the right gear should be your first priority. A majority of us associate swimming with three key elements—a swimming suit, goggles and a cap. Though these pieces form the basic necessities in your gym kit, there is more specialised equipment out there that will improve your stroke and help you tone faster.

If you’re looking to maximise your workout session, get your hands on this swimming gear.

5 must-have fitness gear for every swimmer:

Finis Snorkel, Rs 2,380

Since swimming is all about controlling your breath, using a snorkel can help limit your breathing so that you can concentrate on improving your stroke. It also makes you aware of your head position while swimming, engages your flutter kicks and helps you in swimming faster. Buy it here

Speedo Kickboard, Rs 1,390

A kickboard isolates your legs when you swim, and owning one will help you on days when you want to focus on training your legs. Use the kickboard to practice the flutter kick at different speeds for an intensive workout. A kick workout acts as a great low-impact substitute for running, which will improve your stride next time you’re out for a run. Buy it here

Long Floating Fins, Rs 4,130

Adding fins to your workout makes you swim faster for sure, but also makes you more aware of your movement which can in turn help you understand your kicking rhythm. Since they’re adding extra weight to your feet, it also makes for a great way to build endurance. Buy it here.

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro, Rs 3185 (approx)

A tempo trainer acts like a personal pace coach that lets you take control of your stroke rate. Place it under your cap and you will hear it beep the stroke rhythm—all you need to do is time your strokes to the beep. Buy it here.

Nivea Pull Buoy, Rs 870

A pull buoy isolates your upper half when you swim, so all the attention goes in developing upper body strength. It also lets you pay attention to your arm motion and discipline your breathing. Buy it here

Best skincare products for swimming enthusiasts

Hydrate dry limbs with Cocomoist Moisturising Lotion, Rs 265, Lotus Herbals



Slough off dry skin with Moroccanoil Body Buff, price on request


Calm sensitive skin with Lipikar Fluide, Rs 1,400, La Roche-Posay  

Smoothen coarse hair with Hydrate.Me.Masque, Rs 2,475, Kevin Murphy


Replenish dull hair with Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask, Rs 1,075, Wella


Aid skin recovery with Booster Repair, Rs 2,750, Clarins


Soothe and moisturise with Hydrating Aloe Vera & Rose Face Mask, Rs 1,270, Ananda