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Five minutes with Anish Sood

We caught up with India’s busiest DJ ahead of his EDC performance

By Hasina Khatib  November 9th, 2016

With a schedule that packs in 90 gigs over the course of a year, Anish Sood is easy to find but hard to get hold of. The EDM music producer and DJ is staring at a brisk schedule as the year draws to a close, with the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend that is making its way to Delhi for the first time. We caught up with him and got him to take a breather:  

ELLE: When you look back today, how do you compare your music from when your career got started to now?

Anish Sood:  My music has changed considerably over the years but I think the common thread that links everything has been ‘house music’. I’ve definitely toned down a bit and I’m over the ‘big-room’ EDM sound I was playing a few years ago. I’ve also evolved my mixing style to much quicker mixes between tracks.

ELLE: How would you define your music?

AS: Bright melodies, infectious grooves and sleazy vocals!

ELLE: Any pre-show ritual that you follow?

AS: A cup of black coffee before I leave the hotel room and I always make sure I do some basic stretching before I get on stage to ensure I don’t pull a muscle.

ELLE: Which city do you think is the most receptive to your genre of music?

AS: Pune and Mumbai.

ELLE: If you were to pick one favourite from all your tracks to date, it would be…

AS: My remix of Autograf’s Metaphysical.

ELLE: It is your dream to perform at…

AS: Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas!

Until that happens, catch him doing what he loves best at the Electric Daisy Carnival, New Delhi on the 12th and 13th November. Tickets available here. 

Photograph: Arjun Mark