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Five minutes with Jennifer Lopez

Where she talks about her controversial video ‘Booty’ and her upcoming memoir

By Meher Tatna  July 21st, 2019

Jennifer Lopez is always late, beautifully dressed (today in Altuzzara with Louboutin shoes), always upbeat and candid, and always late. But she has a lot on her plate. We catch up with the singer-turned-producer-and-writer in Los Angeles.

Hey, moms can be sexy.

Ask about her controversial video for ‘Booty’ in which she and Iggy Azalea shake their stuff at the camera dressed in skimpy little outfits, and she just laughs. “I guess moms are not supposed to be sexy. Heaven forbid that in our 40s we express any type of sexuality. I feel it’s a fun song, and it’s called “booty” so to not have any big booty in the video would have not been authentic. My next song is going to be a ballad.  I hope it doesn’t bore you.”

She’s getting her own TV show, sort of.

Aside from the singing, acting, and performing career, there is a television show on ABC Family that she’s producing, The Fosters, about a lesbian couple that fosters multi-racial kids—it’s a project close to her heart since her favourite aunt was gay. “She had passed away from cancer when this came to my desk and I thought this was something that would make her very proud.” 

She’ll let you read her diary.

Later this month, she’ll release her memoir, True Love. A book that chronicles her life on the road on her first tour, Dance Again. “As an artist, I always have something to say. I kept a diary as I had never toured before, so I wanted to document it. There was a real story there. I had just gone through a divorce, now I was a single mom, it was a crazy transformative time.”

Being a mom is hard. Single mom, harder still.

She enjoys being single at the mo, but confesses being a single mom is hard. “It takes two people to make a baby and I also believe it takes two people to raise a baby. You are left doing a lot of the heavy lifting on your own, wishing you could turn to somebody and go, ‘Do you believe this?’ or ‘What am I supposed to do right now?’ That’s you, by yourself, having that dialogue, and you have to follow your instincts on it.” 

True Love (Celebra) will be out on November 4