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Five minutes with Sebastian Wrong

We catch up with the Red Dot Design Award winner scheduled to speak at India Design ID

By ELLE team  February 13th, 2015

He describes his process as slow. Very slow.
“I may have an idea in my head, swilling around in the back, which will sort of surface from time to time. And I get to a point where I’ll actually start taking it out of my head; making a prototype, just realising it in 3D.” 

He’ll choose aesthetics first, function later.
“As a result of studying sculpture at art school, I have a feel for aesthetics more than the function. Of course, design requires functionality, so my energy is spent trying to combine the two.”

He’s inspired by a mid-century artist.
“Let’s just say that if I was a very rich person, and I was to collect art, I would buy the work of Philip Guston, the mid-century American painter. I was at art school when I first saw his work, in Madrid. He’s a fantastic colourist, his language is very simplistic, very cartoon-y, but it also has a dark, emotional undertone.”

He mines his iPhone for inspiration.
“My phone is an archive of inspiration and ideas. On a flight, I don’t read or watch movies, I just scroll through my images, and [dissect what I like]. This feeds my subconscious. I make it sound terribly glamorous, I know. We all do it anyway.”

India Design ID is on from February 13 to 15, in New Delhi.