Five reasons why the Dyson Airwrap is the answer to all your hairstyling woes

If the thought of burning your fingers, forehead, scalp or your hair has kept you from experimenting with different hairstyles more often, Dyson’s Airwrap styler will put your fears to rest. Countless Instagram stories and Youtube tutorials are dedicated to this multi-styler, and there has been one common reaction through them all–How does a hair styler give you curls, waves & smooth hair without any extreme heat damage?

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1. Natural Finish

Try out all the hairstyles you’ve saved for ‘someday’ at home, with this revolutionary multifunctional styler that gives you cascading curls, natural waves and smoother hair.

2. Hot Air Magic

Specifically invented to make hair styling a breeze (without compromising on your hair health), the Dyson Airwrap uses hot air and no extreme heat, to give you glossy, luscious hair. The differentiated Coanda effect creates curls effortlessly and the intelligent heat control makes sure hair retains its natural shine.

3. Two-in-one

Get in the extra zzz’s on your hair wash days, this time-saving gizmo dries and styles your hair simultaneously. Start your hair styling sesh with damp hair and work the styler through your hair for a sleek finish.

4. Pick and choose

Options-who doesn’t like them? The rule in 2019 is to only buy what you will actually use. Pick the set that suits your hair type-the Volume + Shape kit has a smoothing brush for a natural, sleek finish; and the curling barrels and volumising brush can be used to add body to your hair. The Smooth + Control helps tame unruly hair, as the firm smoothing brush does the work of both a dryer and a brush. Curls hold well, so feel free to switch between the 30 mm and 40 mm barrels to nail the effortless beachy waves, we recommend using some hair products for that extra finish. The Complete kit has all the attachments for all hair types.

5. Cool shot

If it’s the hot air that styles your hair, then 10 seconds of using the cold shot button is what really sets it. Dyson recommends using it for anywhere between 5-15 seconds, depending on your hair type and density.

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