This glorious 5-storey treehouse just won ‘House of the year’

This year, we’ve seen quite a few epic feats of architecture. From the odd celebrity mansion, to heart-stopping Airbnbs, there’s been more than handful of places that have made us bemoan our shabby-chic share-houses. But perhaps none more than this stunning five-storey treehouse, which was just voted Zillow’s House of the Year.


According to Zillow, this three-bedroom, four-bathroom home on Bainbridge Island (an island near Seattle, Washington) was built in 1978 from repurposed fir wood.

bainbridgetreehouse 036

The tree-tower house also combined parts taken from old ships like window anchors and mast-beams, as well as elements from a lighthouse like harbour views and sunlights.

bainbridgetreehouse 010

It also boasts a deck, a pond and 12-foot-long antique leaded-glass windows.

bainbridgetreehouse 079


The house previously belonged to Jason McLennan, an architect who has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio on his Belize resort, but it was sold this year for a tidy $1.1 million.

living room


All images via Zillow.


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