Five make-up tricks to create the illusion of fuller lips Advertisement

Five make-up tricks to create the illusion of fuller lips

By ELLE team  March 8th, 2019

From getting fillers to using weird tools and hacks (like shot glasses and even wasabi!), the path to a plumper pout is not always easy. However, in our experience, make-up is a painless, efficient and quick way to make your lips look fuller. Other than going super glossy, here are five ways in which you can create the illusion of the perfect pout—without going down the dark or downright strange route: 

1. Base them

Ensure that you hydrate your lips with a moisturising lip balm before applying a lipstick. Look out for peppermint oil in your lip care products—this will help accentuate them even further.

2. Exfoliate them

Before applying anything on your lips, make sure you gently exfoliate them. You can either do this with a lip scrub or by brushing the dead skin away with a dry toothbrush. Doing it in circular motions will also help boost blood circulation.

3. Conceal them

Use your concealer to create a clean and neutral base to apply lip colour. You can even create highlights on the lips to make them appear bigger, when the lip hue is applied.

4. Highlight them

Let the fake light do the work for you! Apply a highlighter to your cupid’s bow to create the illusion of bigger lips. Essentially, thanks to the reflection of light, your lips automatically seem fuller.

5. Fill them in

Always use a lip liner to outline your lips. Feel free to exaggerate the line outside your natural lips slightly and then fill them in.