This celebrity workout will burn off those love handles

If you’ve nailed every inversion in your aerial yoga class and are bored to death with spin bikes, perhaps FloatFit — a new water-based celebrity workout — will float your boat. Though it was founded in 2015, searches for the workout spiked only when a video of a class went viral last year, and gathered over 120 million views.

FloatFit is essentially a fusion of bodyweight exercises like Pilates, yoga and HIIT plopped atop an oversized, inflatable float-called an Aquabase — in the middle of a swimming pool. It resembles a surfboard and is tethered to a rope to reduce movement and prevent injuries. “In a typical 30-minute session, expect a combination of small movements along with bicycle abs, squats, burpees and mountain climbers,” says Tom Whelan, founder, FloatFit. Though it sounds like a lot of fun and you can burn close to 400 calories in a single class, this celebrity workout is a lot harder for beginners who have very little core strength.

“Exercising on water is more challenging because the constant fight to stay afloat [on an unstable platform] ensures your muscles are continuously engaged,” adds Leila Francis Coleman, creator and founder, Aquaphysical. “But this also means you can develop equal core strength on both sides of the body, work smaller muscles and get toned faster, with lesser pressure on the joints as compared to land workouts” advises Coleman.

Working out in an uncomfortable bandeau swimsuit or a basic tracksuit isn’t advisable, so Coleman and Whelan both suggest you invest in the right gear before you get started. “Speedo’s H20 Active collection is our favourite — all of the crop tops, capris and leggings are stretchy and functional enough to let you exercise even after they get soaked in water. Plus, you can even wear them to the gym,” they add.

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