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Food geometry

If you get off on right angles and symmetry, this is #foodporn for you

By Deepa Menon  May 14th, 2015

Amsterdam-based artists and filmmakers Lernert and Sander created a work of art by slicing and dicing 98 unprocessed foods—meat, fruit, vegetables—into perfect cubes, each measuring 2.5 cm x 2.5 com x 2.5 cm. This dizzyingly precise composition was photographed for a Dutch newspaper called de Volkskrant, where it appeared in a centerfold. It’s sexy enough to earn that spot. Lernert and Sander have collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo and Viktor & Rolf in the past.

The Dutch have a talent for really anal design projects. This Pinterest board, especially the images of ingredients arranged geometrically, is highly addictive.

Click through for a closer look at this work of fussy genius