9 T-shirts for women whose first love is food Advertisement

9 T-shirts for women whose first love is food

*serenades a slice of pizza by candle light*

By ELLE team  September 7th, 2017

Have you mourned a fallen potato chip longer than a failed relationship? Are you one of those people whose main lunch-time conversations revolve around what you’re eating for dinner? Have the toughest decision you’ve ever made been presented to you on a menu? Because all these are legitimate signs of food addiction, we suggest wearing that addiction proud. Like Sonam Kapoor has no qualms admitting her intimate connection with avocado, wear that slice of pizza so people know what to offer you when you’re at their house.

Why should food on your clothes be restricted to stains you can’t get out? 

9 t-shirts that aren’t just cheesy, they’ve got all the toppings:

Rheson, Rs 999

When avocado is life.

Available here 

Elux Handmade, Rs 1,299

The only thing better than cupcakes are sparkling cupcakes.

Available here

Evah London, Rs 799

Get your potassium requirements with this banana patch striped tee.

Available here 

H&M, Rs 699

Get it poppin' in a T-shirt dedicated to everyone's favourite movie-time snack. 

Available here

Only, Rs 1,299

This cycle of sulking and eating is something we could definitely get on board with. Let people know your mood.

Available here

Elux Handmade, Rs 585

Shake it up or bring all the boys to the yard, you know, whatever milkshake does.

Available here

Print Octopus, Rs 624

This t-shirt has its priorities straight.

Available here

Punarvi, Rs 3,200

Pizza has never looked more fancy. I will wear this embroidered pizza for my wedding.

Available here

Grey Fashion Company, Rs 460

Watermelon crop top is the perfect cool-down accessory.

Available here