6 foods that help you combat those nasty signs of PMS Advertisement

6 foods that help you combat those nasty signs of PMS

Stop being a slave to your PMS

By ELLE team  August 14th, 2017

Any woman who has ever hit puberty knows just how humbling the experience of PMS can be. The lack of self-control exercised when consuming a kilo of ice-cream, the random crying at soppy TV advertisements and the bras magically shrinking (okay, maybe we don’t hate that part). But period boobs, aside that time of the month can be painful and you’re not doing yourself any favours physically or emotionally by giving into your body’s craving for deep fried Oreos with Nutella dipping sauce.

Before you resort to popping pills to combat those weary signs of PMS, consider these simple dietary changes you can make to ease some of the symptoms. The magical qualities of avocado, everybody’s favourite superfood, isn’t limited to good hair and great skin. Omega-3 fatty acids found in avocado also help battle period cramps, for example. Your favourite breakfast food, eggs, also perform double duty by helping curb random cravings.      

Here’s how to treat your body right by eating right.

Best foods to help PMS 

Hummus for your PMS symptoms

Diets rich in Vitamin B help stave off those period symptoms, so make hummus and cucumber sticks your new best friends. Hummus also helps with fighting that PMS downer, but we already knew it was a natural anti-depressant. A Vitamin B-rich diet gives you a 25% fighting chance against PMS symptoms, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

Avocado for cramps

Is there anything an avocado can't do? Omega-3 fatty acids found in avocados help fight inflammation and relieve pain caused by menstrual cramping. They can also be eaten in a variety of ways, so you can mash or mix it to reduce painful period cramps. 

Eggs for cravings

Sometimes, you crave cupcakes and sometimes, it's the blood of your enemies. Whatever the situation, nature's most versatile food is here to play defence. Eggs are high in protein and substantial enough to keep you going through the day. They provide a concentrated source of hormone building blocks like protein, cholesterol, B vitamins and minerals. 

Broccoli for bloating

For when a pre-period belly has you feeling heavy and avoiding fitted clothes... Broccoli is 91% water and fibre — a combination that helps you get rid of puffiness, fatigue and gas. It's also extremely rich in calcium, which helps balance the parathyroid hormone which the body produces in excess weeks before the menstrual cycle. 

Bananas to help regulate your bowls and energy

High in potassium, bananas help reduce water retention and bloating. But more importantly, potassium helps regulate your bowl movement which can start to get fairly unpredictable during your period. They're also a great source of energy, which you'll need, considering all the blood loss. Bananas are also sweet so you may want to think about that the next times those cravings kick in.