6 foods that help you combat those nasty signs of PMS

Any woman who has ever hit puberty knows just how humbling the experience of PMS can be. The lack of self-control exercised when consuming a kilo of ice-cream, the random crying at soppy TV advertisements and the bras magically shrinking (okay, maybe we don’t hate that part). But period boobs, aside that time of the month can be painful and you’re not doing yourself any favours physically or emotionally by giving into your body’s craving for deep fried Oreos with Nutella dipping sauce.

Before you resort to popping pills to combat those weary signs of PMS, consider these simple dietary changes you can make to ease some of the symptoms. The magical qualities of avocado, everybody’s favourite superfood, isn’t limited to good hair and great skin. Omega-3 fatty acids found in avocado also help battle period cramps, for example. Your favourite breakfast food, eggs, also perform double duty by helping curb random cravings.      

Here’s how to treat your body right by eating right.

Best foods to help PMS 

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