FOREO's facial cleansing brush deserves a spot in your beauty kit Advertisement

FOREO’s facial cleansing brush deserves a spot in your beauty kit

For that natural glow and healthy skin

By ELLE team  November 23rd, 2018

Why do you need to invest in a good cleansing brush?

If your skin has been breaking out or you’re noticing pigmentation, the culprit could be the basic cleansing routine you’re following. It’s time to turn to cleansing brushes that can fight against the grime and high levels of pollution that most of us experience on a daily basis.  The brushes make sure your skin is free of every last bit of make-up residue, stubborn sunscreen, pore-clogging grime and dirt. While it’s worthwhile investing in a facial brush, scoring clear skin hinges on picking the right one. Replaceable nylon brush-heads and rotations are not only expensive but can also end up damaging your skin, causing dryness and abrasions.


LUNA mini 2 – new addition to the beauty and travel kit

LUNA mini 2 for the perfect glow

Enter, Swedish beauty and wellbeing brand Foreo. Its new facial cleansing brush, the second-generation LUNA mini 2 (made of 100% silicone and with T-Sonic pulsations) guarantees you softer, clearer and healthier skin. Use the light-weight, smart device twice daily for a minute to notice the difference. You’ll never have to worry about replacing the brush heads, and it’s one charge lasts up to five months. It comes with adjustable intensities and doesn’t discriminate between skin types.


LUNA mini 2 for glowing, clear and smooth textured skin

ELLE Loves

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re always on the go and often don’t have time to indulge in elaborate spa rituals – the LUNA mini 2 makes up for it. It massages your skin and restores its natural radiance. The waterproof device is USB-rechargeable, eliminating the need to lug around a bulky charging dock. It’ll fit in your tiny travel kit easily, making it perfect for frequent fliers.

ELLE Loves LUNA mini 2 a beauty kit essential9

ELLE Loves – LUNA mini 2, a beauty kit essential

LUNA mini 2 for effective beauty regime

As any beauty expert will tell you, a smart cleansing brush is a foundation for an effective beauty regime. The LUNA Mini 2 clears your face from 99.5% dirt and oil, blemish-causing impurities, make-up residue and dead skin cells, which a basic cleanse by hand cannot ensure. Pick the brush in a colour that matches your personality from the 6 different shades – pearl pink, mint, fuchsia, sunflower yellow, aquamarine and midnight black.

LUNA mini 2 for effective beauty regimen9

LUNA mini 2 for effective beauty regimen

The upcoming Black Friday sale is a great opportunity to get your hands on this ultra-stylish device that’s set to revolutionise your beauty regime.

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