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Fossil brings Curious leather merchandise

Dive into the Holiday 2015 leather collection

Oh, holiday: With the excitement of renewal the change in season brings, comes the sense that it’s time to buckle down. Your wardrobe reflects, yes, the changing climate, but also a change in mood. This is it, and it’s going to be great. And it begins, like any new venture, with the proper gear. That gear gets a fresh start, too. You can start one of your own, remaking yourself from follower to leader in one fell purchase.

Got talent? Check! Want to travel? Check! Want to add that tint of style to your daily routine? Yup! We have it all. From soft & easy –going Emerson’s to the super spacious Preston’s, we have selected some icons to create a classic collection of some of the coolest carry-ons you would ever have laid eyes on. 

Effortless cool for the contemporary woman, the Emerson Satchel from Fossil, adds a fashion-forward finish to your look. This subtly slouchy satchel comes with an added cross body strap for extra functionality, and is crafted of soft glazed leather that only gets better with time.

A super spacious structure? Check. Extra (extra) pockets? You bet. We can’t get enough of Preston’s hold-it-all functionality. Designed with zippered gussets for easy expandability, this one-size-fits-all flap is updated with a colourful leather patchwork reminiscent of cut paper patterns. This handbag is large enough to hold an iPhone mini.

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