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Fossil brings Curious watches

Dive into the Holiday 2015 watch collection

It’s Holiday time! Time to go all out and dress up for the season. Your holiday collection needs some much deserved loving. As we tail toward the end of the year, the complete blur of social parties, family gatherings, work events, weddings make you want to be prepared for whatever is next.

It’s time to get busy pairing up the best accessories with your best outfit. And we are not talking about any luxurious, blingy accessory. Cue the most perfect (boyfriend) watch and the rose-accented Tailor watch, are two pragmatic choices for those who time their own style. These sparkling watches, mirrored with gradient colours and twinkling stars of the winter sky have re-emerged as the new statement that seamlessly marry fashion and function. All in all, the perfect accessories to match with that favourite outfit of yours.

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