Freida Pinto on her favourite type of footwear and associating with Clarks Advertisement

Freida Pinto on her favourite type of footwear and associating with Clarks

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By Saaniya Sharma  September 3rd, 2019

Runways and Instagram feeds strongly attest that when it comes to shoes, the slip-on-and-go kinds are in demand. Known for its clean aesthetic, the iconic British shoe brand Clarks taps perfectly into this season’s mood. Its latest autumn/winter ’19 campaign reinforces the importance of comfort alongside timeless designs. Be it the fine craftsmanship or the ever-evolving colour palette, Clarks has found space in everyone’s wardrobe. Following this vision, Clarks has appointed actor and activist Freida Pinto as its new face. Interestingly, she had taken on this role quite early on; Pinto has had a long-standing affinity towards the brand since childhood as it was one of the few that catered to larger shoe sizes (for women in India). Here, Pinto speaks about her collaboration with Clarks and the upcoming projects she is working on.

ELLE: What type of shoes make you feel most confident? 

Freida Pinto: Shoes that are comfortable; I really don’t think I can pretend that blisters feel good, and I don’t think that day will ever come for any woman.

ELLE: Why did you choose to collaborate with Clarks?

FP: At the beginning of my career I was asked to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion and style. I don’t think you need to give up one for another. So, I think Clarks and I have a common idea on the word ‘comfort’, and what it really means. So, the association happened organically.

ELLE: Which is your favourite Clarks shoe?

FP: Sense Lula, in gold. As soon as I slipped my feet into them it felt easy and relaxed, and it’s a beautiful colour that I see myself wearing with everything.

ELLE: You are associated with the charity, Girl Rising. What does it stand for?

FP: Girl Rising is a storytelling medium to change mindsets. It started off as a documentary that was about nine girls from nine different parts of the world, and how they overcame obstacles in order to get a basic education. The courage they had in their hearts that was just fire.