5 ways to make your BFF feel special this Friendship’s Day Advertisement

5 ways to make your BFF feel special this Friendship’s Day, despite lockdown

Make your homie cry

By Gargi Agrawal  July 31st, 2020

She may borrow your T-shirt (and never return it), send you selfies with the weirdest Instagram filters, or worse, tell your crush that you like him. But the fact remains: You love your best friend. Now we’re going to say it. Friendship’s Day is around the corner and there is no way we’re returning to our 13-year-old selves picking out pretty bands for our homies. But that doesn’t mean you let the day pass by.

We’ve rounded up five ways that’ll help you make your BFF feel special.

Send an E-card to your best friend 

Replace your Instagram appreciation posts and stories with something different this year. Send your bestie a personalised e-card through email and thank her for everything she has done for you. Bonus point, there are various apps that let you choose templates, add photos etc. So, get creative and surprise her like never before.

Send a care package

Instead of sending her a dainty necklace, do something more thoughtful. Curate a personalised selfcare package for her. Let us help you out with one. Assemble nail paints, sheet masks, scented candles and her favourite processed foods (it’s a no-judgement zone) together, wrap it up, add a little note and get it delivered to her. We promise, she’ll love it.

Host a virtual party

Cliché but here’s how to make it fun. Create an invitation, send it out to her (or your entire squad), cook the same meal and drink and follow a dress code. Now that you have this in place, decide on some games that you can play online with your friends. It’ll be a Friendship’s Day to remember.

Surprise them with a video

If you’re inclined towards doing something emotional, then dig out some #Throwback pictures of you and your bestie. Pick her favourite song or a tune on friendships (our say: go for True Friend by Miley Cyrus) and shape these photos into an emotional video. Takes effort but her reaction will be worth all the hours in which you couldn’t watch Indian Matchmaking.

Watch BFF movies together

Thanks to inventions like Netflix Party, you can now watch movies with your friends together in real time and also discuss it side by side in the chat box. Here our personal recommendations: Bride Wars, Monte Carlo, Bridesmaids and Sex And The City.

What are you doing for your best friend?