Gauri & Nainika x KOOVS is the collab we’ve all been waiting for Advertisement

Gauri & Nainika x KOOVS is the collab we’ve all been waiting for

Get an exclusive preview of what to expect!

By Hasina Khatib  November 9th, 2016

KOOVS doodle-bombed all our timelines with the quirky Hattie x KOOVS collaboration, but they aren’t done quite just yet. There’s another big ticket collab brewing in the works, and just in time for party season too. Talented designer duo Gauri & Nainika have been hard at work on their Ultimate Dress Collection, slated for release on 18th November. Luckily for us, today’s the day that we get to skip the queue and get an exclusive first look at what to expect, straight from the designers themselves.

What was the inspiration behind the collaboration?

The idea was to offer signature Gauri & Nainika styles where there’s something for everyone, in terms of colours, prints and silhouettes.

What was on your mood board while designing the collection?

We wanted to use a lot of colour along with our signature prints for which we tied up with American artist Travis Black. The mood is meant to be young and fresh, but at the same time be very identifiable with the Gauri & Nainika core design philosophy.

If you were to sum up the collab in three words, it would be…

Ultra feminine, young and timeless.

How does KOOVS fit in with the Gauri & Nainika vision?

KOOVS focuses on offering super chic and trendy styles to young Indian women who are fashion conscious and global in their sense of style. A typical KOOVS customer would aspire to wear Gauri & Nainika and this collaboration brings the best of the brand to them at affordable prices.

And yes, they are dead serious when they say affordable: the new collection is priced between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 6500, and will release on 18th November. Circle the date, folks.

Flip through the gallery above for an exclusive preview!