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The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Gen-Z Lingo (Admit It, We All Need It)

Behold, class is in session

By Gargi Agrawal  July 8th, 2021

With the influx in trends owing to the rise of the notorious TikTok and Reels community, the influence has engulfed almost everything around us. First, the internet and now, communication. If you’ve found yourself racking your brain over some terms on the world wide web, then, well, you’re officially an out-of-date millennial, maybe a boomer and perhaps, cheugy.

Fret not. We’re here to convert you into a zoomer (aka Gen-Z) for days when you just can’t understand what is going on the younger side of the world. Ahead, we present you with the ultimate guide to Gen-Z slang, which will make communication easier and will help elevate your social media experience in the 21st century.

1. No Cap

In the language of the Gen-Z, the term ‘cap’ refers to ‘no lie’. So, if you say ‘no cap’, it means that you are being genuinely honest and are not lying. If someone around you says ‘no capping’, it literally refers to the fact that they are not kidding and are speaking the truth.

Example: “This dress looks stunning on you, no cap.”

2. Drip

Move over from using #SWAG in your life and comments because a new word has entered the chat room. Make way for #DRIP, the latest term used to describe someone with a cool and trendy sense of style. Don’t be surprised if you hear someone telling you to give them a ‘drip check’, which basically means that it’s time to show off your outfit.

Example: “Your roomie has some serious drip!”

3. Yeet

Want to show that you are surprised or maybe excited in the modern world? It’s time to say ‘yeet’. On the furious side, you can scream the word while propelling something into the air at an alarming speed.

Example: “Did you see how they scored the last goal? Yeet!”

4. Sheesh

Want to hype up your best friend when she turns up in a striking outfit? Bid adieu to saying ‘damn’ and replace it with ‘sheesh’. In a layman’s dictionary, the term sheesh refers to being annoyed or disappointed, but in the younger world—it’s taken on a rather positive note. Now it is used to convey how impressed you are with someone or something.


Example: “Seeing your friend walk down the aisle at their wedding? Sheeesh.”

5. Periodt

You’ve probably used ‘period’ to end a discussion. How about ending the discussion like a real Genzer and with more emphasis? All you need to say is ‘periodt’ to make your point clear and signal the end of the discussion in the new world. Periodt.


Example: “Pancakes are better than waffles. Periodt.”

Photographs: Giphy, Pinterest