George Clooney and Einstein will make your heart melt Advertisement

George Clooney and Einstein will make your heart melt

Clooney and his Cocker Spaniel, Einstein, star in OMEGA's new campaign

By ELLE team  February 5th, 2015

When George Clooney isn’t stealing headlines for delivering aww-inspiring speeches he’s killing us with cuteness.

Every now and then he’ll give you a glimpse of his perfect (enviable) life. Case in point, OMEGA’s new campaign, where Clooney – wearing an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra wristwatch – shares the frame with Einstein, his rescued Cocker Spaniel-mixed-breed and reminds you that you’re missing out on all this warm fuzziness.

One look at these pictures and you’ll want to be Einstein. (Have you seen how Clooney looks at him?) Now Einstein’s shaggy mop and intelligence might suggest he was born for a life in science, instead he’s opting for a life in the family business – acting.

“Einstein has been studying acting for many years now as you can imagine. I think he’s concerned that I am in his shot and he thinks that perhaps you can airbrush me out if it. That’s his hope,” says Clooney.