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How to get Sonakshi Sinha’s glossy locks

Bonus, precious haircare tips straight from the expert

By ELLE team  February 8th, 2017

Special Editor of the month Sonakshi Sinha takes her editorial duties very seriously, thank you very much. The Dabangg star kicked off her ELLE ride on day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 looking the part in a chic khaki ensemble, but it was her glossy straight locks that made heads turn. We snuck a peek at Lakmé Salon’s hair expert Heena Dalvi’s cue sheet to find out how we can cop the look:

sonakshi lfw

  • Any hairstyle is only as good as its base; everyone knows that. Prep with the Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen for a day look that works well with multiple textures.
  • Blowdry with a medium round brush and mist your hair before dividing it into sections.
  • Run a hair iron over the sections and top off with the Tigi Bed Head Shine Spray for that touch-me-now factor.

Want to carry your silky locks all-year round and not just during the lean months? Dalvi has more to spill:

Haircare tips you should be writing down 

Spray wisely

When shopping for hairspray, keep an eagle eye on the list of ingredients: high alcohol content in most over-the-counter sprays makes your hair brittle. Curlers and straightening tongs are a big no-no for the winters as they actively contribute to dehydration and static. 

Oil massages are the real MVP

Remember how your grandmother could never stop extolling the virtues of an oil massage? Yep, she was onto something, alright. Hot olive oil massages nourish straight from the scalp for visibly softer hair. Almond oil will turn those pesky flyaways and frizz into a shiny mass on your head. Argan oil brings its natural conditioning agents to the party for an enviable shine.

Go to town on dandruff

Low moisture in the air equals more flakes. Set some time aside each month for an intensive anti-dandruff treatment that’ll work double duty and keep your locks lustrous. 

Cover up

Give your tresses a break from the harmful rays of the sun; consider scarves the sunglasses of your hair. Silk ones work best as they don’t catch onto your strands and help prevent unnecessary breakage and hair loss.

Frizzy hair, do care

Blame the sudden extra volume on your habit of showering with scalding water which strips your hair of its essential oils and gives it a grizzly texture. Reduce the roughness with lukewarm water and gently comb afterwards with a hairbrush. (Plastic and boar bristles preferred.) Leave-in conditioners will help combat flyaways during the day, but if you are looking at something a little more long term, the Lakmé Salon Moroccan Smooth Treatment will help keep your frizz in check.