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If your scrolling habits are eating into your reading time, you’re probably not scrolling in the right places. Twitter fiction has emerged into a legit lit genre, especially with the participation of heavyweight authors like David Mitchell, Margaret Atwood and Alexander McCall Smith, who created four short stories for last year’s Twitter Fiction Festival. While 140-character tales are sometimes told over a series of tweets, writers like Teju Cole are also experimenting with new narratives – last year, he released his short story ‘Hafiz’ through a series of 31 retweets (after sending pieces of the story to his friends across the world), and tweeted seven short stories about drones. Here’s a compact reading list to get you started:

Sean Hill creates compelling micro fiction that’s also been compiled in an ebook.

 For light erotica and big laughs, head to @50NerdsofGrey.

Author Philip Pullman told the fascinating story of a well-mannered house fly called Jeffery over three months. Read the entire story here:

David Mitchell, author of Booker-shortlisted Cloud Atlas, narrated a 280-tweet long story about a teenage boy trying his mother’s Valium pills. Read ‘The Right Sort’ here.

Follow author Arjun Basu for bite-sized fiction with a twist in the tale. 

 Terribly Tiny Tales crowd-sources short fiction from Twitter uses across the country, built around a word prompt.

On the @miniaturestory account, you’ll find little moments from a larger story you’re free to imagine.

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