Get the cover look – Parineeti Chopra

Celebrity hair and make-up artist Elton Fernandez is slowly becoming a hot favourite with Bollywood star—and with good reason! For ELLE’s October cover, Fernandez transforms Parineeti with a new look to match her new body. “My vision was clear – I was going for something sleek but with a lot of edge”, he says.


Face: “I’ve given Parineeti a super sculpted look. There’s a lot of bronzer used all across the perimeter of the face. The cheekbones are extremely strong and defined. The main focus were the cheekbones and the brows. For the brows specifically, I’ve used Maybelline’s new brow pencil in a brownish grey colour.”

Eyes: “I’ve given the eyes that slept-in look. I haven’t used any kohl at all. A smokey effect is created around the eye (tip – use a beige skin colour pencil inside the eyes to open them up). We haven’t used false lashes, either.”

Lips: “I kept the lips clean. No bright pops of colour. I’ve used Maybelline’s Baby Lips Colourless Lip Balm.”


“Initially, I started with sleek, straight hair (tip – use a transparent mascara to get rid of the flyaways). As the shoot progressed, I started breaking up the texture with some texture cream. The idea is to make it look uncombed. You can use your fingers and run it through the hair. I wanted it to look young and fresh but not like we were trying too hard.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video to see what went down at the shoot.

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