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How to do Sonam’s two-toned eyeshadow at home

This eye make-up trend is making a huge comeback

By Hasina Khatib  December 1st, 2016

The one thing we know about Sonam Kapoor is that you just never know with Sonam Kapoor. She can go from haute couture one day, to old school Bollywood glam in the next breath. Need proof? Look no further than her glitzy outing at the Brand Vision Awards in a princess pink Caroline Hayden gown. (P.S. when we say pink, we mean the head-to-toe sequins kind of pink.)

The bling of the outfit would have made veteran fashionistas quake in their stilettoes, but Sonam? The lady threw on some fantastic aqua jewels from Farah Khan, rang up friend-slash-make-up maestro Namrata Soni for help and voilà!

In a world inundated with more smoky eyes and winged liners than we have fingers to count, Sonam’s two-toned eyeshadow comes like a breath of fresh air. So is the trend going to make a comeback? “Absolutely,” affirms Namrata. “There’s so much out there to be explored in the world of eye make-up, and it’s time to have some fun mixing and matching.”

She does advise a word of caution though while deciding on your colour palette. “The two-toned look can easily go wrong, so tread carefully. Play off the colours of your outfit and, more importantly, your skin tone and take it from there,” she says.

When it came to Sonam’s look, she knew what she wanted when she saw the outfit. “The gown has a mermaid feel with a slight hint of metallic coming through, so we knew that we wanted our make-up to capture that ethereal vibe.

“We started off with a magenta pink at the contour of her eyes and gradually progressed to gold as we reached the center. Since the dress could have easily spiralled into the OTT zone, we paired the statement eyes with a quick swipe of gold highlighter across her face and a baby pink lip stain,” she adds

While you can’t have Namrata Soni to wave her magic wand to make you look as gorgeous as Sonam this party season, we’ve lined up everything you need to DIY the look yourself.

Flip through the gallery for what to add to your make-up kit to get the look.