The new Moodoo app helps you connect with friends offline

“I’m okay with anything.” The four magic words that kill any party before it’s even started. Because we all know that the person who says that is most certainly not okay with anything and will proceed to bring up an objection to every idea you propose, while suggesting none of their own. To get around annoying little hiccups like these, you need something like Moodoo, which allows you to make plans with your favourite people without once talking to them. Friends: they’re just better in person.

Recently launched in India, Moodoo uses a simple interface to help you plan get-togethers based on who you want to hang out with and what you’re in the mood to do. So you select an activity—from a list or custom-create—and pick the people you want to attend. They get an invite and can let you know if they’re interested and how they’re placed. Or you can go to your home page, which displays the ‘moodcast’, ie a list of which friends are in the mood for what and you can respond if you’re up for any of it. Here’s a video that explains it:


Download Moodoo on your iOS or Android device. Log in is only through Facebook

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