Getting married soon? These are the latest floral arrangements trends for modern Indian weddings Advertisement

Getting married soon? These are the latest floral arrangements trends for modern Indian weddings

And the significance of different flowers

By Chitra Das  October 26th, 2018

In the words of Max Muller, “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love”. Weddings mark a significant milestone in the lives of people. Everything must be perfect, right from the venue, the outfit, the food, and yes, even the flowers. With the overwhelming amount of information available online and a myriad of customisable options, many brides-to-be often find themselves confused. To help clear the confusion, Chitra Das, founder of Champs Fleur, a Hyderabad based end-to-end preserved floral boutique, highlights the latest wedding trends and how people should pick their floral arrangements.

The latest trends in wedding floral arrangements:

Floral displays: Flowers are attached to ceilings, on walls, and even to create the entrance, adding to the beauty and fragrance of the wedding. These grand arrangements will make an impression on your guests and at the same time elevate each memory.

Garden weddings: The flowers and greens add an aura of softness to a wedding. Standing for class and style, the florals can also be used to add a touch of freshness and lushness.

Floral cakes: Forget cakes that look like flowers, these cakes have actual flowers added to them.

Floral frame: Photo booths are an increasingly popular addition to receptions and often, flowers are used to form the backdrops as well as the photo booths themselves.

Once the theme and colour palate of the wedding are decided, the floral decorations are the most important aspect. Indian weddings are known for their bright and colourful sense of exuberance through the apparel as well as the decorations. Flowers play a large factor in the décor and mood of the wedding. Two important factors to keep in mind when deciding on floral décor are: budget and theme. While the theme of the wedding helps to create an idea of the colours and types of flowers that are suitable, the budget helps to streamline and narrow down the choices.

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Apart from the traditional floral setups, people are now exploring different possibilities of using flowers in their weddings – from bridal canopies and gajra chairs to floral jhoolas.

Flowers most commonly used at Indian weddings:

Marigold: These orange and yellow flowers represent the sun and are thought to bring about brightness and positive energy.

Jasmine: Owing to their pristine white colour, they are associated with purity and elegance while their aroma is associated with freshness and sensuality.

White lily: Signifying love, happiness, and trustworthiness, these flowers form an important part of the marriage ceremony.

Orchids: These internationally sourced flowers come in a multitude of colours and stand for beauty, luxury, strength, deep love, and unending support to the couple.

Roses: One of the most popular flowers, roses have always been the main source of attraction at weddings. Pink roses signify happiness, white stand for charm and grace, and red roses embody passionate love between the couple.

Bear in mind, Indian weddings are always subject to superstitions and customs. Certain colours such as black and white are considered inauspicious and you may want to avoid them.