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6 things you didn’t know about Gigi Hadid

In the new Reebok "This or That" video, Gigi Hadid is spilling her style secrets

By ELLE team  April 28th, 2017

As a modern style icon, supermodel and ruling ‘It’ girl, Gigi Hadid has an army of over 40 million fans following her every move. But how many of the diva’s style choices are you actually familiar with? In her new video for Reebok, Gigi plays a fun “This or That” quiz, revealing more than a few sartorial surprises.

What we learnt from the Gigi Hadid style interview for Reebok  

  • Despite her strong beauty game, Gigi hates blush and declares her love for bronzer.
  • She can’t pick a favourite between the Reebok Classic Leather or Club C. Us too, Gigi, us too.
  • Despite her naturally straight hair, Gigi prefers wearing her hair in a topknot “because it’s easier”.
  • She’ll take flats over heels any day, admitting her style is “all about comfort.”
  • She prefers to spend her evenings sofa surfing, “but I love a red carpet once in a while”.
  • If you’re trying to impress her, go with diamonds over pearls. Are you listening, Zayn?