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How to nail Gigi Hadid’s sexy style

You’d be surprised how easy it is to cop her take on athleisure

By ELLE team  May 15th, 2017

Supermodel Gigi Hadid can teach us many important life lessons, including ‘how to be insanely popular on Instagram’ and ‘how to pose with your own Barbie without it overshadowing you completely’. We can also take a cue from her near-impeccable style, the sexiest take on athleisure that you’re likely to find anywhere in the celebrity universe. No wonder Reebok picked the style icon as the face of their womenswear collection.

Whether Gigi Hadid is hanging out with bae Zayn Malik or owning red carpets from the Met Gala to the Cannes Film Festival or the American Music Awards, it seems like she’s always one step ahead in picking up on the latest trends in fashion. If you’re curious to know how she gets it right time after time, you’ve come to the right place. We dusted off our Sherlock cap and set about decoding Gigi’s signature style for you.

5 ways to dress like supermodel Gigi Hadid

Make athleisure your best friend

Gigi has admitted that her style is more about comfort than anything else. While her several street style looks are testament to that, comfortable doesn't mean ancient faded tees and slouchy denims. Gigi mixes athleisure with her casual everyday looks, pairing bomber jackets with skinny jeans and her Reebok sneakers with wide-legged pants. If her gym-fies are anything to go by, then she follows the same principle. You will never spot her shadow-boxing in gym gear that's seen better days.

Don’t be scared of cut-outs

You’ve put in the hours at the gym and you’ve swallowed down every kale smoothie known to man. Now it’s time to show off your hard work. Not sure how? Take cue from Gigi Hadid and rock bold cut outs on your next girls’ night out.

Distress your denims

Gigi has made wearing distressed denims an art form. She pairs her many (and we mean many) ripped jeans with bodysuits, graphic tees, crop tops and turtle necks. To dress it up, you can add layers to your ensemble with oversized, slouchy jackets or structured blazers.

Black doesn't have to basic

While black is a safe bet on most days, you’d be surprised by how easy it is to get it wrong. When Gigi is not wearing all white ensembles, she can be seen wearing black multiple ways. She mixes textures, like leather and wool, or off-sets the starkness of black with white accents. 

Do head-to-toe white

Gigi loves white. She has sported all white looks while shuttling between continents and even red carpets. We can feel your skepticism, but the supermodel has mastered the trick to wearing white without making it look boring. Layer your white ensemble to ward off monotony and experiment with sheer fabrics.

What would Gigi Hadid wear?

In an exclusive video for Reebok, the supermodel reveals her fashion do’s and don’ts.