Giorgio Armani celebrates 40 years Advertisement

Giorgio Armani celebrates 40 years

...with a star-spangled show and the opening of Armani/Silos, an exhibition space

By ELLE team  May 4th, 2015

To celebrate his 40 years in the fashion industry, Giorgio Armani held an event late last week with some of the hottest celebrities in attendance. The two-day festivities in Milan involved a fashion retrospective, the launch of new exhibition area called Armani/Silos, and lots of music and dancing. The new space, Armani/Silos, is a 1950 factory transformed into a four-storey, 48,600 square-foot exhibition space that will house his archives and host art exhibitions. He also announced a forthcoming autobiography to be published by New York-based publishing house Rizzoli. Can’t wait! 

Flip through the gallery to see all the dapper stars who made it

Photographs: Giorgio Armani