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Give your wardrobe a trendy makeover with Myntra

Swap for style

By ELLE team  November 21st, 2017

You love shopping, but your wardrobe is so full that there’s literally no space for new clothes. You’ve tried everything — storing your clothes in suitcases and cardboard boxes; folding them minutely to ensure they take the least amount of space possible; sneakily dumping them in your family member’s wardrobe… What if we told you that we have found the solution to this never-ending dilemma that allows you space in your cupboard and lets you shop too?

If that caught your attention, then Myntra’s latest Fashion Upgrade campaign is just what you need — joining hands with NGO Goonj, the fashion brand has launched a four-day style swap session from November 21 – 24 wherein you can give away your extra/unused/gently used clothes that are buried deep within your wardrobe and exchange them for brand new designs that are surely going to become your go-to picks. All you have to do is head onto the Myntra app and create a list of all the clothes you wish to give away, which in turn will earn you points that you can redeem to buy new styles. When your purchase is delivered, handover your clothes to the delivery man. Goonj will be gifting your extra clothes to villagers living in rural areas — what better reason to give what you don’t need?

Here, we highlight 5 wardrobe essentials you need to bid adieu to and replace with on-trend options, available on Myntra.

1. Substitute your basic white T-shirt with a quirky slogan T-shirt

White T shirt

Now you don’t need to worry about what to accessorise your quintessential white tee with — give your ensemble a makeover with a quirky slogan T-shirt that instantly speaks for itself (literally). Buy it here.

2. Swap your striped top with a floral embroidered striped top

Striped embroidered top

Stripes have today become a wardrobe staple, whether it’s in the form of a black and white striped trouser or a blue and white sailor-striped shirt. The latest trend, however, sees striped tops decorated with floral embroidery. So why not embrace the new way of wearing stripes? Buy this top here.

3. Replace the LBD with a fitted midi dress


Long is the new short. Go sans embellishments for a classic evening look. Get your hands on this structured midi dress here.

4. Switch your denim dungarees with cropped, culottes-style dungarees

Black dungarees

Culottes — whether they’re worn as a separate or in a dungaree style — are extremely fashionable. If you’re still holding on to your childhood denim dungarees that somehow still fit you, it’s the right time to let them go… Get your hands on this here.

5. Shift your focus from mini skirts to maxi skirts

Grey skirt

Longer lengths are definitely trending, and this applies to skirts as well. This season, opt for maxi skirts in minimal colours like white, grey and beige. Brownie points if the skirt has slits on both sides. Get this one here.

Watch how easily you can exchange your old clothes for new: