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Givenchy’s new Prisme Quatuor

The brand introduces eight new eyeshadow palettes - go crazy with colour combos!

By ELLE team  August 17th, 2015

Few things are prettier than Givenchy’s new Prisme Quatuor eyeshadow palettes. The black case with the four engraved Gs and a gem-like clasp feels like a jewel in your hands.

The colours it holds are even better. The creamy texture makes for easy blending – with your fingertips or your brush. And the colour payoff is good too. We also love that we can mix and match luminous nudes or ivory tones with metallic greens and blues. Expect a pearly, luminous finish that works much better for the evening than for the day. We’ll be saving these for Fridays. 

Available at all major outlets and Sephora, Delhi