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Hollywood’s top facialist shares her secrets to glowing skin

Glow within, when it's grim outside

By ELLE Team  June 23rd, 2020

“Skin needs time, balanced eating, sleep and inner beauty,” says Joanna Vargas, the New York and LA-based esthetician. The skincare expert who is known for her glow-boosting non-invasive treatments has worked with celebrities like Sofia Coppola, Naomi Watts, Jualianne Moore and many more. Joanna Vargas shares her insight on glowing skin with New Delhi-based dermatologist and founder of Isya Aesthetics, Dr Kiran Sethi in our virtual edition of ELLE Masterclass on Instagram. The experts shared tips on treating puffy eyes and building an effective skincare routine. 

On skincare essentials 

Vargas begins her regimen with vitamin C serum to protect skin from sun damage while also treating it. Her secret: picking a light oil-based serum that works wonders under make-up, giving skin a dewy glow. Sunscreen is the other skincare essential, whether you’re stepping out or working from home. Vargas suggests using any SPF50 formula that suits your skin type. Dr Sethi adds “I recommend my clients to apply atleast two tablespoons of sunscreen.” Retinol is key for your night time skincare routine. It evens out skin tone and improves texture by increasing collagen production. “Retinol can treat several ageing and acne concerns—everybody can benefit from it,” says Dr Sethi. 

On nourishing face mask

Joanna recommends a yoghurt, avocado and honey mask that soothes and hydrates all skin types. The lactic acid in yoghurt has mild exfoliating properties, avocado is a vitamin loaded whole fat and honey is a natural hydrator with anti-bacterial benefits. 

glowing skin
Image: Instagram (Joanna Vargas)

On eye smoothening treatments

Our DNA plays a big part in how the skin around the eye ages. Our skin in the under-eye is thinner than the rest of the face and the area is often the first to loose fat. Heat-based treatments, like microneedling with radiofrequency can give impressive results, but Vargas warns novices against overdoing it. She also suggests LED light treatment and retinol to treat the under-eye area. Vargas also suggests using chamomile tea bags (that have been dipped in lukewarm water) to de-puff eyes. 

On skin foods

The right kind of food can go a long way when it comes to glowing skin. Vargas is a huge advocate of probiotics—they help improve gut inflammation by introducing good bacteria into the body. She believes, “Our skin is just a window to what’s happening in your body.” She also recommends other beauty supplements like collagen and supergreen powder Activated You. 

glowing skin
Image: Instagram (Joanna Vargas)

On contouring facials 

Vargas recommends massaging the face with your fingers while sweeping your face moisturiser in an upward direction. Not only does this help oxygenate skin it also stimulates collagen and gives the face a sculpted look. At her clinic, she practices facials that are a combination of microcurrent therapy, microneedling and radiofrequency. “It looks like you’ve had a face lift,” she says.

Photograph: Neha Chandrakant