Go Behind The Scenes With Kim Jisoo On The Set Of Our June 2021 Cover Shoot

Music sensation, fashion trailblazer, global megastar are only a few terms that come to mind while describing the K-pop icon- Kim Jisoo. The BLACKPINK member talks all things music, fashion and life in our June 2021 cover issue; here’s a behind the scenes video from the photoshoot.

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Content Director & Editor (India): Kamna Malik; Photo & Film Editor: Kim Hee June; Cinematographer: Kim Soo Jin; Celebrity Visual Director: Choi You Jin; Fashion Editor: June Chow; Stylist: Lee Yun Mi at BRAND L; Hair: Lee Hye Young; Makeup: Lee Suk Kyung; Manicure: Park Eun Kyung; Set: Choi Seo Yun at DA:RAK; Producer: Yu Li Na; Coordination & Edit: Karen Woo; All Wardrobe: Dior

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