Explore God’s own country with The Oberoi Vrinda, Luxury Kerala Cruiser Advertisement

Explore God’s own country with The Oberoi Vrinda, Luxury Kerala Cruiser

An extraordinary cruising experience you won't forget

By Avani Thakkar  October 16th, 2019

Sticking to a digital detox, partaking in excessive gymming or taking up a hobby or two—everyone has their preferred mode of switching off, for a little bit of serenity. Why not add a lush cruise to the list? The Oberoi Vrinda, Luxury Kerala Cruiser is the perfect solution to unwinding in the sort of paradise that seem to exist only on desktop wallpapers. With picturesque backwaters and soaring coconut trees, this cruise offers tranquility at its best.

With an option of two and three night itineraries, guests can witness idyllic waterways and go on cultural excursions that will satisfy even the most adventurous wanderers. Take your pick from a myriad of activities that showcase the splendor of Kerala. Meet local fishermen, visit a 100-year old Hindu temple or spot the Champakulam snake boat yard which is home to traditional racing boats. Need we say more?

Experience delightful culinary offerings and luxurious accommodation that will more than likely give you the urge to stay on-board even beyond your trip. Indulge in delicious local and international cuisine while sipping on some aromatic cardamom chai or the incomparable South-Indian coffee, complemented by breathtaking sights of the backwaters.

Enjoy unparalleled hospitality with its tastefully decorated deluxe cabins, where exquisite views and comfortable furnishing await you. The best part? You can revel in The Oberoi Vrinda, Luxury Kerala Cruiser’s complimentary services which includes a 24-hour personal butler. It doesn’t get fancier than this. If you do decide to take a break from relaxing in your luxurious cabin, there’s plenty of on-board entertainment available to keep you occupied. Exclusive Kathakali performances and renditions of ancient epics such as Ramayana, will take your breath away.

Wave goodbye to those regular old beach getaways because after taking this fabulous cruise, you wouldn’t be interested in any alternate travel destinations for a long time to come.

Featured photographs: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts