Best hair removal techniques for your lady parts

Hair removal in your bikini area can be tricky, with one doctor telling you one thing and that viral WebMD article promoting something completely different. Not to mention being scolded by your parlour lady because she knows you cheated on her with that white wax offer somewhere else. It’s especially awkward if you’re living in India, where conversations about genital grooming — or any topic related to your lady parts, really — aren’t openly discussed or encouraged, for fear of being labelled  a *insert patriarchal insult*.

While the vagina is a miraculous self-healing body part, picking the wrong hair removal technique could expose you to skin irritation, eczema, ingrowths and worse. We break down the various options available to you and the best one to chose, depending on your hair growth and skin type.

A word of caution: while our doctors weigh in with their expertise, at the end of the day, we still recommend an individual consultation to figure out what works for you specifically. 

Best grooming techniques for your lady parts 

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