The new Gucci Décor collection is a symphony of multifarious motifs Advertisement

The new Gucci Décor collection is a symphony of multifarious motifs

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By Aman Mehta  April 26th, 2019

Alessandro Michele’s ability to conflate eclectic hues, patterns and designs was the catalyst to the storied fashion house’s ‘millennial renaissance,’ and the Gucci Décor collection reflects that very same aesthetic.

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Bucolic imagery, the iconic Gucci green/red/green stripes, lions, tigers, snakes and even the GG emblem that have established the House’s eclectic modern portfolio feature prominently in the design language of the furnishing range as well.

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However, adhering to his proven dexterity in giving a contemporary twist to items of the past, Michele rediscovers pieces that were once mainstays of many interiors, but have fallen out of common use.

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There are large, patterned, cylindrical umbrella stands (featuring the tiger cards and cameo prints, and the original flower motif designed by the creative trio AParis Chez Antoinette Poisson) and also hand-made laundry baskets, colourfully decorated (one with the ‘Black Cat’ image and another with the cameo print). Paying homage to the rich culture of Italian craft and artisanal skill, porcelain produced by Richard Ginori, the renowned Florentine company founded in 1735, is the material of choice for vases, mugs, tea cups, candle holders, all decorated with fresh art work (such as the macro rose and star patterns). Porcelain ashtrays, and heart-shaped porcelain boxes (with surprise, hidden interior patterns), circular 3D incense burners and the change trays in the shape of a pair of hands are all intended for multi-use. They also display an impressive array of the House’s symbols and patterns – the star eye, Herbarium, macro rose and mystic cat.

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Cultivating its reputation as a pioneer of the contemporary zeitgeist, Gucci has also introduced the use of augmented reality technology that enables customers to see what pieces from the Gucci Décor Collection will look like in their own spaces. It is incredibly refreshing to see a home décor brand break away from the quotidian of cushions, fabrics and wallpapers; and what better way is there to reinvent the concept of soft furnishings than passing it through the Gucci lens?

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