Everything You Need To Know About Gucci’s Vegan Alternative To Leather

In a step towards material innovation, the Italian luxury brand presented Demetra: an eco-friendly alternative to leather. A product of over two years of in-house research and eco-innovation, Gucci’s new material is the zenith of luxurious quality, durability, softness and scalability.

So, what exactly is Demetra? Demetra’s raw materials are composed of bio-based polyurethane made from 100% GMO-free wheat and/or corn and plant-based viscose and wood pulp, created through a zero-scrap production process. Wastewater from these processes is completely treated and purified, and all the materials are sourced from sustainably managed forest sources. The brand strives for the lowest environmental impact with its innovation. Material scraps generated during manufacturing will also be upcycled as a part of the company’s Gucci-Up program.


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What differentiates Demetra from other leather alternatives is its versatility and suitability for a wide range of product categories. It has an edge over most of its competitors, who struggle with offering scalability and volume since it is produced using widely available raw materials and existing tanning processes. Demetra’s high quality can be availed quickly and in large volumes, cutting down rollout time.

The first Demetra-based products offered by the brand will be the Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace and Gucci Rhyton. Made out of organic cotton, recycled steel and recycled polyester, these products are animal-free. Gucci will be offering its new material to the fashion industry from 2022 onward. With its inherent qualities and ability to customise the material with exclusive finishing, Demetra is undoubtedly a groundbreaking innovation in the luxury sector.

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