Gucci introduces AR shopping on its app

Augmented Reality is simplifying shopping around the world, with a number of brands experimenting with the technology. Gucci is leading the revolution in the fashion industry by introducing an AR option on its app.

You can now virtually try on Gucci’s Ace sneakers, a mainstay of the House’s collection. Just launch the Gucci app on your phone, point the camera at your feet and choose between multiple versions to get an accurate idea of how the sneakers will look on you. The Ace sneakers is known for its ever-changing decorations, and is Gucci’s preferred canvas to demonstrate a range of embellishments. Pick from the Ace’s various versions and pick the one that matches your personality and look.

Confused about which one to go for? Make use of the ‘sharing’ option on the app to send an image of you “wearing” your favourite Ace model to your friends, family and social media followers, and do a quick poll. Once you’ve made up your mind, the app will link you to, where you can make your purchase.

Gucci’s AR feature is available on iOS only. 

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