The bachelorette's guide to Mykonos and Santorini, according to Shivan & Narresh Advertisement

The bachelorette’s guide to Mykonos and Santorini, according to Shivan & Narresh

Where to chill, party and gorge on seafood

By Siddharth Mahajan  July 25th, 2018

A summer in Greece is worth the cliché. While we embarked on this trip for a friend’s bachelorette, the 6-day Grecian experience was nothing short of pleasant surprises and discoveries about the destination and more. From party-till-you-drop Mykonos to serene Santorini, this travelogue will give you an idea of the do’s and don’ts for these destinations.

Mykonos is pretty yes, but it’s more to do with what people have done to it than its natural surroundings. Yes, the water is the perfect blue and the vibe of the city can generate the strongest of holiday blues once back. Come summer, you will witness the millenials of the world partying in this tiny island. Let’s start by drawing out the list of must-do’s:

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Mykonos Town: The town is exactly as one would imagine – white, blue with winding streets lined with the finest retail (from indie to luxury), the chicest bars and clubs and food. Try Interni for a chic dinner or drop by Pasta Fresca Barkia for silky hand-made pastas, Sea Satin for fresh seafood by the sea and Jimmy’s for authentic Greek Gyros after a hectic night. The bars are fascinating, they flow into the streets and you’ll see people dancing on the streets itself. Astra is THE spot for everyone, Bon Bonniere is super chic, Argo is perfect for those with a craving for commercial music and the multi-story Scandinavian Bar is thronged by the younger lot.

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Beach Clubs: Mykonos boasts of some the best beach parties that start as early as 2pm and wind up by 2am. Go for Scorpios on Sundays for the most stunning sundowner parties or the super chic Principote for lunches where people start dancing on tables. Alemagou has a tropical vibe that will leave on grooving for hours while Nammos is bustling with runway trends on the dance floor.

Once you party your legs (and livers) in Mykonos, Santorini forms the perfect setting for the much-needed downtime. Don’t let the honeymoon cliché associated with this town fool you, it has delights for everyone!

The town is a 2-hour ferry ride from Mykonos and is good enough for 2 days (3 days max!). Start your day late around afternoon and go to Amoudi Bay, it’s a cute line-up of seaside bars & restaurants. Dmitris is hands down the best and serves fresh seafood. Follow the trail of people walking ahead and you will reach the famous cliff diving spot. This experience cannot be missed, it’s a 20 feet dive but worth the adrenalin rush!

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Look up and you will see the famous Oia (you will instantly remember it from the countless images of the town on the web). From the bay it is a good 200 steps of steep steps along the cliff, but worry not – the donkeys will save the day. For a jolly 6 euros, the donkeys with no chaperones whatsoever will take you up (it is funny and scary at the same time).

Reach Oia by sunset (around 8pm), grab a spot and a bottle of wine and experience the moment with thousands others (there will be an applause in the end). Roam around and eat wherever, the food is good everywhere!

Start the next day by hiring a yacht and go on a guided 3-5 hour journey around the islands (they’ve been formed by an ancient volcano and the water is where the mouth of the volcano is). There is wine and food on board as you swim in clear Aegean waters along the White, Red and Black beaches or even in the hot sulphur springs amid the sea. This experience is not to be missed, much like the rest of Greece!

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A few traveller tips to make your Greece trip a smooth sailing one: 

Friends: Make sure you travel with your closest friends (i.e. wolf pack) you are most comfortable with and the ones who ensure #WhatHappensInMykonosStaysInMykonos  

Cabs: Difficulty in getting cabs is the biggest myth around Mykonos (contrary to common belief, there are more than 35 cabs on the island) but it’s never an issue to find one at any hour of the day

The Clock or the Credit Card Bills: Mykonos can party – there are clubs that open at 4AM till 11:30AM for the “after party crowd”, so don’t even bother looking at the clock once you get into the groove. Along with that be ready for solid credit card bill at the end of the trip (tourism is the only industry on the island and summer is the peak), but it’s worth the spend, you can always earn it back!