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Gul Panag launches a fitness app

And it's going to get you off your couch

By Arshie Chevalwala  June 2nd, 2015

She’s a chief fitness officer
Gul Panag and 42-year-old entrepreneur Gourav Jaswal’s health and fitness centric venture MobieFit Technologies has just launched its flagship mobile phone app, FirstRun. Bonus: The running app also features the model-turned-actor-turned-politician as your virtual running coach. The aim? To make running easier and less intimidating for beginners.

She just wants you to get started
Based on Josh Clark’s Couch-to-5K programme, the app is designed to transform couch potatoes into seasoned runners within nine weeks. “As a beginner, I found it difficult to continue running, so we made sure our app puts focus on building the user’s strength and endurance,” says the 36-year-old. And as the app’s virtual coach, Panag will guide you through each run till you reach the half-marathon level. “I tell you exactly when to run, how to run and when to stop — in a way that’s achievable.”

She runs a four-minute mile
At 15, her father helped inculcate her running habit. “He’d get home and at 5:30pm every day we’d go out for a run — there was no escape. He’d been running for 20-25 years and I was just expected to match his pace. But now I run three marathons a year and an average of 50km a week, and it feels great.”

FirstRun is a free app available on Google Play Store for Android and launches on iOS this month

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