Gundi Studios is breaking gender stereotypes, one badass design at a time

“I’d like to think I’m infiltrating people’s prejudices by creating simple yet beautiful work about feminism.” Brooklyn-based art director Natasha Sumant, 26, is on a mission to break cultural and gender stereotypes surrounding South-Asian women. Having grown up as “a dark-skinned South Indian girl”, Sumant was conscious of race and feminism at an early age. So, when she went to New York to study art and design, and discovered media’s power to mould minds, she knew she had found her calling: “Good media can change your opinion without you even knowing it,” she says. Enter: Gundi Studios, in 2016.

Gundi is Sumant’s passion project, where she creates a variety of art and celebrates strong, inspirational people who embody the values her project stands for. “I love women who have moved forward despite having failed. That, to me, is such a gundi move — to be unrelenting when people are against you.”

Screen Shot 2018 02 08 at 9.46.27 PM
Gundi Studios

This is also where she retails her unique, bold apparel, including a black jacket with the word ‘gundi’ emblazoned on it. “The word ‘gundi’ is cute but provocative; the clothes have been a great tool for conversation about feminism. The dream is for it to become like Supreme, and create a culture and community for badass women through fashion,” she says.

For now, Sumant’s vision is clear: “To make outspoken women glamorous. I want little girls to aspire to be like them, in the same way we aspire to be pretty like movie stars.”

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