12 hair colour mistakes you didn’t know you were making

When it comes to getting a new hair colour, you can do everything right. From stalking Pinterest to find the perfect beachy-balayage reference pic, to eating beans on toast for a week so that you can afford to go to a fancy AF hair salon. All that effort, and then you walk out of the hairdressers feeling underwhelmed… Why? Your new hair colour isn’t quite right.

We’ve all been there.

In the hopes of putting an end to dodgy dye jobs, I spoke to hair colouring expert, Mitra Mir, who’s based at the Daniel Hersheson salon in West London. She was able to shed a little light on the most common colouring pitfalls – the mistakes we don’t even know we’re making… From picking the wrong shade for your skin tone, to colour placement that doesn’t flatter your face shape. Here’s what not to do…

Common hair colour mistakes you shouldn’t be making in the salon chair

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How to get the glossiest hair of your life

No matter what colour you opt for, there’s no reason why your hair shouldn’t be the centre of all attention. Here’s how you can add that mega-watt shine.

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