Feel like experimenting with your hair colour? This is the safest treatment to try Advertisement

Feel like experimenting with your hair colour? This is the safest treatment to try

It's designed to protect hair from damage

By Rochelle Pinto  October 24th, 2018

As someone who’s compulsively changed her hair colour every year for the past 15 years, my mane has seen its fair share of triumphs and disasters. There was an electric green phase that was prematurely beaten to a peroxide blonde by the Hampi summer sun, a jet black era because a boy I liked was into Goth music and a few exciting months of pretending to be a redhead. 

So when L’Oreal offered me a chance to try their new Smartbond technology with Loic Chapoix, Creative Art Director at Dessange India, it was a no-brainer

Like any expert technician, Loic quickly but politely gave me a reality check over the references I shared with him. Word to the wise: Do not go in with photos of runway models or Deepika Padukone and say “I want that”. Instead, consult with your stylist on what would best suit your skin colour, hairstyle and — most importantly in my case — maintenance routine.

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Given my tendency to leave home with wet hair, Loic suggested the classic French balayage technique perfected by Dessange. Using a brush to artfully apply the colour mixture, Loic painted warm honey tones onto my dark brown hair, mimicking the sun-kissed streaks of a summer spent in Bali. The final look had a natural grunge vibe, in keeping with my low maintenance approach to haircare.

Though the Smartbond technology is designed to protect the hair from damage, if you’ve already run your tresses through multiple treatments, be prepared to invest in a little TLC. It took two intense oil massages and a hair masque for the texture to regain its natural silkiness and bounce. But my hair isn’t complaining…