Hygge hair colours will be everywhere in 2017 Advertisement

Hygge hair colours will be everywhere in 2017

Make-up champ Daniel Bauer guides you through

By Hasina Khatib  January 27th, 2017

For those of us not ballsy enough to take the plunge and/or come up with a good excuse for rainbow hair, 2017 brings with it a breath of relief. ‘Tis the year of warm colours, thankfully all monochrome, according to hair and make-up expert Daniel Bauer.

Once the world cracked the code to Denmark’s happiness (read more about Hygge), we knew there was no going back. Sure enough, the art of finding joy and happiness in small things crept into colour palettes of hair experts round the globe: “Big and natural. Expect open hair that is brimming with shine and life. 2017 is all about accepting warmer tones and colours,” announces Daniel.

Not sure how to make butterscotch blonde work for the Indian skin tone? From the guy who keeps Deepika Padukone’s locks lustrous and well-highlighted all year round, we bring you the hair colours that’ll work just dandy with our Indian colouring.

Hygge hair colour trends for 2017

Warm copper

Being born a redhead is optional, but cheating that flaming hair colour isn’t. But since most of us don’t have 55 lakh rupees to spare on flying down a team of experts to make all-out red work for us, warm copper is a good consolation to opt for. The sun-kissed shade is best paired with loose waves and bedroom curls.  


Rustic brown

Best paired with medium to light colouring, rustic brown is a good cheat for those looking for a change, but not of the glow-in-the-dark variety. This soft hue of brown will grow out and merge back into your original dark hue minus that awkward in-between period. Best paired with? A long layered haircut or a side-swept fringe.

Blonde highlights

Buttery blonde doesn’t go down well with our dusky skin tone, so find yourself some middle ground with dark blonde highlights instead. Seeing as it’s usually hard to decipher texture with monochrome hair, slivers of blonde at regular intervals help break the monotony. These little highlighted ribbons were born to be paired with straight hair or a quick blowout.