5 incredible (and real) hair transformations that will inspire you Advertisement

5 incredible (and real) hair transformations that will inspire you

Long, black hair isn't always the prettiest

By Mamta Mody  July 10th, 2017

Five women let go of their traditional notions of beauty (and their fears) for radically cool hair cuts and colour. Now, they don’t care what you think or have to say about their hair. From blogger, Kayaan Contractor who went platinum blonde to PR professional Rooparna Coomar who shaved her head, these women are set to help you to let go of your inhibitions too. 

Hair transformations that will inspire you too

Carol Humtsoe, Model 

Humtsoe had grown up with mohawks and blonde crops, but held back once she started modelling at 16, preferring to keep her hair long to fit the conventional idea of an Indian model. Two years ago however, a bad perm job that wrecked her hair was just the incentive she needed to go super short again. Since then, she has sported a bowl cut and even gave herself baby bangs. “As a model, it’s easier if you have long hair, but I try not to let that dictate how I feel anymore. Thankfully, my haircuts have worked for me and got me noticed,” says the fashion week regular, who credits her genes for her glossy, low-maintenance mane. “If you are confident, people will celebrate your uniqueness,” she says.

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Cotton dress, Zara. Terry jacket, Marks & Spencer

Gitanjali Dang, curator and writer

Dang had always maintained her curls in various short styles, until a few weeks ago when she buzzed and coloured it for the first time. “I was working at my studio, my head was heavy, I was bored, but mainly I was feeling hot—there’s no AC here—and I could literally not hold my head up. So, I thought, ‘Let’s’,” says the curator, who is currently working on an upcoming exhibit in Oslo. It was the usual combination of vanity and social conditioning that had kept her from the drastic change so far, but now she’s enjoying all kinds of reactions, from the good to the strange. “Friends and acquaintances just reach out and touch my head instinctively. I got catcalled Justin Bieber on the street a few times and that cracked me up. A lot of girls say they want to get it done too. I support this, we could get an army going in no time.”

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Cotton jumpsuit, Hermès

Rooparna Coomar, PR Professional

When Coomar shaved off her waist-length hair last year, she had no idea how much she would enjoy it. “I’ve always been drawn to the idea, so the night before our honeymoon, my husband and I decided to shave our heads at home. And it was so liberating,” she says. Since then, Coomar, who has always had conventionally long hair, has given away most of her hair products, tools and accessories. She now relies on baby shampoo to cleanse and goes to the local barber to get a cut every few weeks. “Without your hair, you finally see yourself. It’s just you—you can’t hide behind it anymore,” she says. There were the long stares from strangers and a few people called it a bad decision, but she didn’t let any of that stick. “I’m not sure if I want to buzz it off again due to the nature of my work, but I’m really enjoying this short-hair phase.”

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Satin crepe top, Lola By Suman B. Gold-plated earrings, Misho

Kayaan Contractor, Blogger

Contractor is all for change and that’s also the essence of her new website, Shape Shifter. Like clockwork, she gets a new style every June or December. “I don’t wear any accessories, but my hair is a big part of my look and I like to keep trying different things with it.” She has already had pixie cuts, long ombre hair and now sports a platinum bob. She documented the entire bleaching process of the last one on Instagram, even when her hair was a brassy yellow for a few weeks between her sittings—and this riled up a lot of her followers who disapproved of the new look. “People frown and ask why I keep doing these things to my hair. I really don’t care about what they say—if you don’t like it, don’t look.” Besides a healthy diet, she credits regular oil massages and purple shampoo rinses for her shiny, silvery mane. 

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Cotton dress, The Sin

Neelakshi Singh, Blogger and Lecturer 

Maintaining that colourful mane is tough work, especially when you keep switching it up like Singh does—she has gone from atomic blue to forest green within a year. She lays on a fresh coat of colour every fortnight to make sure it looks just right. But getting on this revolving door for Singh, was more than just a matter of vanity; it was a way of empowering herself. The body-positivity advocate says, “I’ve always got the ‘the fattie walked into the room’ look. So when I changed my hair, all the attention it got was not something I was new to. But this is my way of playing to my strengths.” She was inspired by celebrity colourist Guy Tang’s work and has tried the ombre, balayage, oil slick colouring methods so far. “The fact that every colour can highlight a different side of your personality makes it so much fun! I think everyone should try it.”

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Polyester dress, Femella


Photographs: Sushant Chhabria  

Styling: Karuna Laungani

Hair: Aman Shrivastav using  Moroccanoil

Make-up: Sonam Chandna  

Art direction: Reshma Rajiwdekar

Assisted by: Anamika Choudhary (styling)

Salon partner: Jean-Claude Biguine