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5 common haircare mistakes and how to correct them, according to an expert

Superstyle your mane

By Trisha Chawla  June 4th, 2018

Is your weekly blow dry damaging your hair? Can dry shampoo really make your scalp flaky? Are baby bangs going to look great on your face? These are all possible haircare mistakes that we ponder over on the daily, but never really get the answers to unless we’re dealing with a haircut gone wrong or an onset of frizz. To make sure you never make a hair mistake again, we spoke to Patrick Cameron, hair expert of Wella Professionals and he solved it all with some commonsensical mane advice. Take note and follow these for super-model ready locks that you can take to work, drinks and beyond. 

Don’t delay your haircut

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“Prolonging your haircut can lead to extremely dry hair and unhealthy, split ends. It’s easier for people with shorter hair to notice growth, as they see it physically move below their shoulders or out of shape. But for longer hair, you need to realise that your hair is speaking to you and needs a trim. Is it taking a bit longer to brush, dry or style when you wake up in the morning? When you can no longer do all of the things that you would love to with your hair, it’s time to go in for a chop. You’ll also notice a huge change in the way your hair looks in pictures. It simply doesn’t frame your face correctly anymore.”

Don’t go in with a celebrity reference

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“Your haircut largely depends on your face shape, and trying to imitate one right off a reference might not be best for you. For a square or round shape, you can go for bangs on the top of your forehead and soften the jawline with a face framing layer. If you have a triangular face that’s narrow at the jaw and smaller on the forehead (or vice versa), opt for even volume throughout to make it look more symmetrical.  Those with oval face shapes can literally try anything-it’s the perfect canvas for all hairdressers.”

Brush your hair correctly

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“One of the things that I find a lot of girls do with wavy or textured hair is brushing it vigorously. It’s so upsetting because your natural texture is beautiful and the brushing shatters the texture and releases frizz and fluffs your hair. You have to learn how to embrace and work over your natural texture, not change it. Another problem is brushing on wet hair — please remember that it’s absolutely okay to comb wet hair. Simply start with the ends and move towards detangling the top to avoid tugging your hair and ripping it from the roots. Be super careful near the nape of your neck as it one of the most neglected knot-prone, fragile areas.”

Never shy away from colour

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“Colour does not damage your hair, unless it is already in a bad condition. A great way to start off is to go with a colour that is similar to your original shade in terms of depth. Then, go only two shades lighter. This reduces the peroxide levels you are subjecting your strands to. If you go blonde from black, the peroxide levels are super high and this is what stresses your hair out.”

Make friends with products

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“I cannot stress enough on how a product is a life saviour to fight natural enemies like frizz and hairfall. For some bizarre reason, people then they should be able to wake up with their hair looking perfect, but you really need your haircare army by your side. Invest in a heat protection spray, do a light blow dry to fight frizz or add some texturizing spray or a dry shampoo (like Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me) that will give you gorgeous hair till your next wash. The best way to do this in my opinion is indulging in a hair styling regimen on Sunday that keeps it styled till the mid-week.”